Nepal is a land of vibrant and rich culture, and the traditional Nepali wedding is a telling example of this. A time of celebration and joy for each member of the families involved, it can surely be described as one of the highlights of the bride and groom’s life.

Wedding ceremonies are as varied as the tribes that occupy this country, but one thing that is a constant is the striking red attire worn by the bride. A Nepali bride is impossible to miss, with her mehandi decorated hands, the earthy pigment painted in delicate lattices across her skin, her bright eyes, the kusha ring encircling her ring finger, and of course the gorgeous flaming red bridal ensemble.

 Whether a saree or lehnga, the fabric enrobes her in the colour of passion, purity, fertility and love. Embroidered with the richness of gold, the peacefulness of green and embellished with detailed patterns on the spirited red background, the Nepali bride lights up the occasion and makes heads turn. Her grace and poise are unparalleled.

And what really makes her a bride, the mark of centuries of tradition, the pigment pressed with loving fingers across the part of her dark hair, a burning vermillion.