There’s always something a little extra special about a destination wedding. Even the name has a nice ring to it! Friends, family, the love of your life and grand celebration all combined with the excitement of a whole new place. From travelling together, to seeing new sights and exploring, it’s like the most important moments of your life, but on wings.

The only big damper on an otherwise joyous journey might be the cost that comes in association with destination weddings. No matter, we have a budget option for you; choose Nepal!

Let’s break it down:

Can you guess what the single most expensive component of a wedding is? Depending on the number of guests, it is the food. The average cost per plate of food at a 5 star hotel in India comes to around INR 6000. Now say you have about (x) guests. That comes to (x) total. Compare that with the average cost of NPR 3500 per plate in hotels of similar standing in Nepal. Now couple that with the fixed exchange rate of NPR 1.6 to INR1 and your costs are cut by almost half for the most expensive part of the wedding, without compromising the quality.

Destination weddings may be more intimate than home weddings, but they are no less magical. In a place like Nepal, you can have your pick of activities to embellish your special moments with. Fancy a helicopter ride up to the snowy Himalayas where you can have the photo shoot of your dreams? We have you covered. Feeling a little adventurous? How about a trek to the hills with your partner in crime to strengthen your bond? Paragliding, canoeing, bungee jumping, you name it, we have it.

If adventure isn’t for you, there are a plethora of resorts amid the breathtaking natural beauty of Nepal’s assets. Mountain views, lakeside relaxation, even wildlife trails can all be tailored to your perfect wedding fantasy.

And the best part is, because of the concise nature of the country, you won’t have to travel far no matter what you choose to do.  Simply put, you get a lot more bang for your buck here. So within the budget of your 5 star home wedding, you could have a 5 star destination wedding instead!