Royal Wedding

A royal reception full of regal curtains, dramatic molding and amazing chandeliers that enchants your visual perception with divine feeling. A refined and extravagant wedding that has sparkling effects on you and your guests throughout the years to come.

Valentine Wedding

Candles for romantic lighting, relaxing effect approach you and your guest with a cheerful atmosphere. Roses are the most obvious flower choice, but all flowers suggest romance. The colourful balloons decorated all around with flowers imply gratifying moment. Hearts, lace, flowers, doves, and cupids complete with bows and arrows are all are good decorating motifs for a Valentine theme wedding.

Fairy Tale Wedding

It includes lots of balloons and streamers in your chosen colours. Most fairy tale weddings keep colors light and romantic, but if you're doing a more gothic fairy tale theme red or dark purple roses look incredible. Harps, flutes, and pan pipes are musical instruments that would cast a special fairy spell over your celebration.