Pre & Post Wedding Functions

  • Mehendi

  • Sangeet

  • Bachelorettes /Bachelors Parties



Mehendi is an integral part of Indian weddings and nowadays it’s popular among Nepalese too. Mehendi is not only about just the Mehendi design, but the decor, photography, ideas, and even Mehendi favors that brides plan about! So here are ideas about everything Mehendi related a bride can think of. We provide Mehendi artists, makeup artists, photographers, decors, lights, and everything that will make your Mehendi ceremony more interesting.


Sangeet is one of the several pre-wedding events which is commonly celebrated in India, now also famous in Nepal. A typical Sangeet ceremony involves a lot of singing and dancing where the families of both the bride and the groom join hands to make the evening more interesting. Since Sangeet is all about fun, among families &  friends, they plan for this event prior to the wedding and on the day of Sangeet, they sing different songs. The cousins, friends, and other relatives join them and dance to their heart’s content to the beats. We provide DJs, choreographers, emcee, dancers, decorations, lights, LED dance platforms, drinks, jugglers, bartenders, catering services, photography & videography services.

Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties

A stag night is usually planned by the bride’s/groom’s friends before the wedding. We provide you with theme-based bachelorette/bachelor parties with

decorations, photography,videography, drinks, jugglers, bartenders, venues, DJs, etc. We’ll do it your way but manage it even better. Be it at a club, private property, hotel, or even another destination, we can come up with unique ways to make your night worthwhile.