Destination Wedding

Nepal is richly endowed with not only natural beauty but also traditional/cultural elegance. So it, of course, is an ideal location for a Destination Wedding. It offers breathtaking views of majestic mountains, serene lakes, enchanting rivers, lush green forests, etc. Likewise, the country boasts unmatched aesthetic beauty with its iconic cultural heritage sites.
Under the theme of Destination Wedding, every interested couple can choose any of their dream location in the world to add a whole new beauty to their big day. Such locations might be naturally splendid places like lakeside areas, the base camps of the Himalayas, national parks, etc. Or, they could be the locations of historic and cultural importance like palaces, temples, and heritage sites.


Capturing the moments with your loved one or the loved ones while exploring any exotic destination of the world is simply wonderful. But taking photos unprofessionally with the help of a selfie stick or a random stranger will not be a good idea. It, of course, is like doing injustice to such intimate or romantic instances. The only promising way to make such moments truly memorable and cherishable is to go for professional photography. Welcome ensures you such photography which will always help you to get the right angles, the
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